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Glicerina (VG) - Grado Kosher

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Aceite de palma grado Kosher, es menos dulce que la glicerina y es perfecta para tabacos, con un realce en el sabor.

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Glicerina Vegetal grado Kosher sin sabor.

La glicerina es mas densa que el agua y que el Propilen Glicol.

Brand: Musim Mas

Vegetable Glycerin Molecular StructureEC number: 200-289-5

Origin: Malaysia

Derivative: Palm Based

ISO Certification: 2001-14001

Product Name: Vegetable Glycerin USP

Chemical Formula: C3H8O3

CAS#: 56-81-5Color: Clear Colorless

Purity: 99.7%

Kosher: Certified

Vegetable Glycerin is a plant-based derivative of palm oil. This Kosher, USP certified, viscous liquid glycerin provides a thick cloud of vapor when used in vaping and e-cigarette devices and has a light, sweet taste. Nicotine River stocks the highly-respected Musim Mas Vegetable Glycerin, which has a purity of 99.7% and is preserved in HDPE plastic bottles. HDPE plastic kept this pure vegetable glycerin fresh and protected from environmental degradation until it is ready to be opened and blended. We offer competitive pricing and the highest quality in the vaping industry all products are bottled in and shipped from the U.S.A. If you are wondering where to find USP vegetable glycerin,NiceVaping is the trusted choice. E-juice producers sometimes vary the ratio of ingredients in their products.  When reading descriptions of different e-juice preparations, one might come across the terms “pg”, “vg”, or “pg/vg”. These are abbreviations for the most common carriers in e-juice and e-cig liquids and refer to Vegetable Glycerin (VG), and Propylene Glycol (PG). VG gives a thick sensation to the vapors, and the hit is smoother than that from high-PG blends. PG and VG ratios vary across the industry. 

GREEN TIGER RANKINGS: The Green Tigers Index ranks palm oil companies on their
adherence to forest conservation requirements — showing which companies are slated to prosper in the new era of forest protection, and which are lagging far behind. 
Musim Mas is pleased to be listed as Responsible Supplier in Forest Heros Green Tiger Rankings ‑ a report which ranks the sustainability performance of major palm oil companies based on several criteria including forest protection, high carbon stock protection, peat protection, and human rights records. Green Tigers are described as companies, who are adapting to the revolutionized global market by evolving to ensure that their growth does not come at the expense of forests. They are working aggressively to protect forests and reduce their overall environmental footprint enjoying dramatically improved market access and set to roar for decades to come.

FOREST 500 MEMBER/GLOBAL CANOPY PROGRAM: A project under the Global
Forest 500Canopy Program, The Forest 500 is the world’s first rainforest rating agency. It identifies and ranks the most influential companies, investors and governments in the race towards a deforestation-free global economy. By objectively identifying and ranking the 500 power brokers that have large-scale influence over forest risk commodity supply chains, the Forest 500 holds companies, investors, and governments accountable for their actions. Musim Mas is pleased to have improved our score of 4/5 for the assessment year 2015. This is an improvement from their score of 3/5 in 2014. Based on the Forest 500 methodology of assessing companies, they have improved on their 'Operations' as well as on 'Reporting and Transparency' to attain full scores in these two categories.

SUSTAINABLE PALM OIL TOOLKIT: The Sustainable Palm Oil Transparency Toolkit
(SPOTT) is a project from the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) to provide practical information and resources to stakeholders in the palm oil industry. 
SPOTT features a scorecard segment, assessing 50 of the world’s largest palm oil producers selected by market capitalization, land bank hectarage, and stakeholder nominations by SPOTT users. In August 2015, we volunteered for inclusion in the company scorecard. We engaged with ZSL on the assessment based on 50 broad indicators. Based on the 7 categories of RSPO reporting, land bank, environmental management, Fragile, Marginal and Peat Soil, Zero Burning, Greenhouse Gas emissions and Traceability. Musim Mas has improved its score from 65.18% (Oct 2015 assessment) to 70.54% (May 2016 assessment), and will continue engaging with ZSL to improve the score.

To view the latest scorecard, please click here.


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Glicerina (VG) - Grado Kosher

Glicerina (VG) - Grado Kosher

Aceite de palma grado Kosher, es menos dulce que la glicerina y es perfecta para tabacos, con un realce en el sabor.

Venta por Peso.

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