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Turkish Tobacco Premium

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Turkish Tobacco Premium

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Turkish Tobacco is comprised of a select blend of Virginia and Turkish tobacco. This unique formula produces a rich and smooth tobacco taste that is sure to please with a soft touch of sweet and the tobacco flavor while exhale.

The Turks smoke a lot. I mean a lot. Regardless of where you are, throw your gaze upon the surroundings and you would invariably find someone who is smoking. Men – young, middle aged, elderly – all smoke as if they have been cursed to do so. The Turkish tea is a habit , an accompaniment that enforces smoking they say. The more you looked at it, the tea seemed like an addiction, even an excuse to smoke. Women – they smoke like chimneys in Britain during industrial revolution. I have never seen as many women smoke – at work, inside homes, in shops, in restaurants – as here. Take it that, they smoke everywhere except on public transport and perhaps mosques?

There are no smoking laws as such, well apparently there are, but not much heed is paid to them. Asking someone for smoking zone in a public space (say a restaurant or a bus station) or permission if one could smoke is met with a silent astonishment that sometimes makes way to a healthy ridicule. More often it is a mix of baffled confusion. Smoking almost borders on a culture. There must be historical-cultural reason behind this? The climate? The location? Or more likely something related to the ancient trade routes? What is the incidence of lung cancer or oral cancers here, makes you wonder?

Available in two levels of intensity and different nicotine strenghts.

  • Standard flavor level for high performance claromizers
  • Concentrated Flavor for low or cheap performance claromizers

Available in different Nicotine Levels

  • 0 mg  - Zero
  • 6 mg  - Medium
  • 12 mg - High
  • 18 mg - Very High


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Turkish Tobacco Premium

Turkish Tobacco Premium

Turkish Tobacco Premium

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