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Our Premium line of e-liquid will transport you to a whole

new universe of flavors where you may taste and smell

the real flavor you remember from your childhood

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  • Fruit

    The finnest selection of tropical fruits

  • Coffee & Tea

    The real taste of coffe or tea with several touchs to enlight your day

  • Exotic Drinks

    Our line of exotic drinks will make you desire for tasting this one all the afternoon.

  • Bubble Gum

    Bubble Gum and Candy Full Line of eliquids.

  • Dessert

    Our Dessert line will satisty your strong sweet desires at zero calories.

  • Tobacco

    When Sir Francis Drake returned to England from the New World he had with him two plants never before seen in Europe, namely the potato and tobacco. England’s reaction to the plants was echoed all through out Europe. The potato was seen as poisonous while tobacco was seen with wonder and amazement.1 Tobacco trade during the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries was the first priority of the Europeans to control that trade from interlopers.

    Efforts at limiting the consumption of tobacco for medicinal purposes during the 17th century failed all over Europe. In Turkey one could be beheaded for smoking in public. In Russia and Austria one could be fined, jailed, or tortured and in England King James I (the same king who realized that taxing tobacco made lots of money for the government) wrote about tobacco’s horribly addictive properties and the terrible black soot that it left in one’s lungs. The Catholic Church even tried its hand at limiting the use of tobacco by proclaiming its everyday use to be sinful. Few people listened, as there were no biblical passages that talked about the evils of smoking or sniffing tobacco.8

  • Menthol

    Our Menthol line includes most of the categories from fruit to tobacco products and it is made from fresh and sweet mint and menthol.

  • Exotic Flavors

    Line of other Flavors that dont match any category