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Dragon Fruit Premium

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Dragon Fruit or Pitaya known in Asia known in mexico is a fruit of incomparable beauty and superb taste.

The red variety, is grown in Mexico, Nicaragua and Vietnam among others. It can be found on the market from June to August. It measures 12 inches long with a diameter of 8 inches. It is characterized by having the red skin with green bracts that turn yellow when ripe.

Its flavor is delicate and fine, like sugar water, although in our markets, possibly due to inappropriate conditions of transportation, storage and humidity to which they are subjected, they lose flavor and are somewhat bland.

To keep it at home, it's best out of the fridge in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources and without being the direct sunlight. Just put it in the fridge for a while before drinking. Mature pitahayas peel easily, cutting one side of the flower and pulling down. Cut into slices and Avoid chewing the seeds.

It is usually consumed as fresh fruit, but may also be used in cocktails and refreshments. The yellow is used in some places as a coloring and also in the preparation of yogurt, ice cream, jams, jellies, soft drinks and sweets. In some countries it is used as a colorant. The red, although it is more bland and less aromatic, is much used as an ornament of poles and exotic cocktails.

Available in two levels of intensity and different nicotine strenghts.

  • Standard flavor level for high performance claromizers
  • Concentrated Flavor for low or cheap performance claromizers

Available in different Nicotine Levels

  • 0 mg  - Zero
  • 6 mg  - Medium
  • 12 mg - High
  • 18 mg - Very High



Si sabe a dragon fruit!!

No le pide nada al dragon fruit de la marca hollywood, muy recomendable!!

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    Dragon Fruit Premium

    Dragon Fruit Premium

    Dragon Fruit Premium

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